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Really Good Conversations for Businesses

Really Good Conversations for Businesses

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Unlock the full potential of your business meetings with Really Good Conversations for Businesses, the ultimate tool for transforming team discussions into engines of innovation and strategic thinking.

This unique pack of strategic conversation starter cards is meticulously crafted to facilitate meaningful dialogue, drive focused idea generation, and foster an environment of active listening and collaboration.

Whether you're a founder seeking to sustain an innovation mindset, a team leader aiming to energise team-building activities, or a consultant looking to elevate client workshops, these cards are your go-to resource. They're equally valuable for individuals working independently, providing a structured approach to creative thinking and problem-solving.

Incorporate Really Good Conversations for Businesses into a variety of settings - from team meetings and client workshops to business planning, brainstorming sessions, training, and individual ideation. It's an essential tool for anyone in a business environment, especially for pre-launch startups and early-stage businesses aiming to establish a strong strategic foundation.

Key Benefits:

  • Spark meaningful and strategic discussions
  • Promote problem-solving, idea generation, and innovation
  • Improve team dynamics and collaboration
  • Drive focussed idea generation
  • Boost problem-solving
  • Set the scene for new insights to flourish
  • Fun and engaging format makes it easy for teams to come together
  • Compact and portable, ready to be used whenever and wherever needed


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edward Walker
A game changer for our client workshops

We recently used ‘Really Good Conversations for Businesses’ in a client workshop. We categorised the questions into company, product, and competitor sections, to provide further structure for our discussions. This tool effectively sparked conversation and really helped to further hone the client messaging. This pack is now a valuable asset in our toolkit to enhance the quality and outcomes of brand and marketing strategy sessions with clients.

Oliver Harvey-Jones
Great Quality Product and Questions

Really Good Conversations for Business was a huge hit with my team at our team meeting this week. It made our meeting so much more productive and insightful! As a team we discussed our values, strategy, and market position through the use of their thought-provoking questions. The team enjoyed the questions so much that it was difficult to choose just one each! We're excited to use them again in future meetings.

Hi Oliver, thank you for the feedback. It sounds like the business pack has been effective for you and your team. Please feel free to report back with any more feedback, suggestions or ideas in the future once you have used them some more.

Michaela Reaney
Boost Team Building with Really Good Conversations - Business Edition!

The Business Edition of Really Good Conversations is a game-changer for team-building workshops! The thoughtfully crafted cards keep everyone engaged and encourage active participation. With structured conversations, every team member gets a voice, fostering trust and collaboration. Highly recommended for enhancing teamwork and communication!

Hi Michaela, thank you for your review. We are so pleased to hear they have been well received by your team.


Hi, we're Alex & Amy, the creators of Really Good Conversations.

After the loss of Alex's grandfather a few years ago, we had a stark realisation. Our family hadn't just lost him as a person; we had forever lost the chance to learn about him from him. Sadly, many of us leave it too late to have the important conversations with the people we love. 

We decided to do something about it, so we created Really Good Conversations - The Card Game that Gets People Talking.

We are now on a mission to get more and more people connecting with each other like never before.

We hope you enjoy playing our games and learn something new and surprising about the people you care about most.

Alex & Amy